Curl Enhancing Hair Gel

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Curl Enhancing Hair Gel

Our Curl Enhancing Hair Gel is not only suitable for holding down and styling hair, but it promotes healthy hair growth as well! Our multipurpose gel is infused with essential vitamins and oils that'll have your hair feeling amazing. Unlike common hair gels, this His N' Hers Original contains 100% all natural products (yes, meaning we don't use alcohols) making it suitable for all hair types. 

-STORAGE: This product should be kept refrigerated or in a cool area to help preserve it's shelf life. It can be good up to 4 weeks depending on how you choose to use it. Please note, this item can be exposed to bacteria if not stored correctly. 

-INGREDIENTS: Flaxseed, essential oils, vitamin E 

*Please allow up to one week (two weeks maximum) for your item to be made, packaged, and ready to be delivered. Please bear with us as we're currently in the process of finalizing our containers/packaging.*