Our Story

Handmade with love in Bermuda, His N' Hers Hair & Beauty Boutique is a growing online business by Kayuntae Ming. Initially started to avoid allowing harsh toxins into the body, my inspiration for this business venture comes from my late Aunt who passed away to cancer not long ago. I knew there were harsh toxins and chemicals that can lead to/trigger cancer present in majority of the name- brand, store brought items that I was using at the time. After my Aunt passed, I knew I had to immediately discontinue those products and introduce a healthier alternative to my every day necessities. What started out as me trying to find better options for my own hair and beauty needs quickly turned into this growing business that takes pride in our high quality, all natural products. 

We offer affordable prices for quality hair care, skin care, and beauty products suitable for both men and women. We also offer "His N' Hers Originals" that aim to promote healthy hair and skin. All of our products are hand made with love, crystal energy, and positive intentions. This is simply to allow us to spread the positivity that we want to see in the world. Our products target a variety of hair and skin issues such as dryness, flaking, eczema, acne, and other commonly known things. 

*DISCLAIMER*: Our products aren't considered as a cure or prevention for any conditions or disease. Products are not clinically tested. Customer reviews can serve as testimonials.  


We make and distribute products out of St.George's Bermuda. We do offer to deliver as far as Hamilton for free, any parish past that going toward Somerset will be charged an extra $2/parish fee.