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All Natural Cherish Panty Liner

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All Natural Cherish Panty Liner
The new, All Natural Cherish Panty Liners are super thin and flexible. These Panty Liners are great for light flow days and are made to help you stay clean and fresh every day. Since we are in the era of everyone and their mama going “clean”, including myself; I just had to bring these to the table. It is essentially the “cleaner” pad as it does not contain any harsh chemicals that may lead to unwanted problems as opposed to the leading brands that are commonly used. 
The soft cotton outer layer is silky smooth and keeps you comfortable all day long. They are designed with a unique negative ion strip which may help to reduce pain, control odors, balance pH levels, and control inflammation. These are not made with any plastic, AND they have ventilation to allow for air circulation in order to eliminate heat and excess moisture.

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